Kitchen furniture – Discuss kitchen will not be separated from the cooking activities. A variety of activities to cultivate food and other household activities are centralized in this room. The activities conducted in the kitchen is generally divided into three areas, namely clean up, mixing, and cooking.

Clean up areas or areas clean-up include the sink, place the soap, and place the plate, spoon, glass. The refrigerator can be placed adjacent to the area of the clean-up. While mixing or preparing area laid out adjacent to the required cooking tools, such as knives, frying, and other Cookware. Meanwhile, the cooking center includes a stove as well as a special area for storing dishes that are fresh. Storage cabinet spice, pot, frying pan, and other equipment were placed not far away from the stove.

The kitchen will not be detached from the kitchen furniture set. Therefore, when planning a kitchen set design should take into consideration that can provide comfort when working. Surely the design is functional and efficient in meeting the needs of a space, so that the layout and dimensions of the proper size.

There are various standard layout kitchen set which can be aligned with the size of the kitchen space, such as the shape of the line or the “I” (one-wall), U, L, island, galley, and peninsula. The placement of the furniture in the kitchen relies heavily on vast kitchen space owned, as well as furniture-furniture used. General furniture, namely kitchen at kitchen set more built-in, so in the placement and design of his mature calculation is needed first. Furniture on a minimalist kitchen space prefer uniformity and harmony in the form of a rack cabinet one with more geometric nature and tend to be focused so that it becomes a single entity.

Basically, the built-in furniture designed to be compact with furniture that belonged to and user activity, such as the design of the compact between the placement of the refrigerator and oven with rack cabinets that contained household tools. In addition, the placement of the stove and sink must be compact so there are areas of activity between the cooking, washing dishes, and food.

When determining the area of activity should be balanced with the placement of furniture. In addition, it is highly recommended to determine the activity of wet,dry, dirty and effectively and efficiently. For example, the placement of the refrigerator as storage of food close to the stove as cooking activity area.

Meanwhile, sink as a wet area for washing dishes and food placed some distance with the electronic goods that are susceptible to water. However, the sink must be adjacent to the shelf cabinet as the keeper of furniture and household appliances for easy retrieval or storage when after washing. If there is enough space in the kitchen area, can be added by placing the furniture a minibar that consists of tables and bar stools. The area can be side by side with a cooking area or made separate from the kitchen set and has its own bar area, but still close to the kitchen area. Hopefully with the above tips can help you organize your kitchen furniture.