It’s essential that you maintain your epoxy floors because this flooring is valued for their ability to resist slippage and their antistatic nature. This is also why they’re so common in factories. You want your workers to walk and work on floors that are stable, safe, and secure so that accidents due to clumsiness are significantly reduced. Maintenance is essential for such floors to maintain their slip-resistant and antistatic nature. A dirty and neglected epoxy floor will become more slippery and might even break down altogether over time if not given proper care and attention. Many homeowners and businesses should also be aware of the issues that affect epoxy flooring performance.

Taking Care of Your Epoxy Floors

  • Clean and Polish It Dirt-Free: There are certain tips and tricks you can follow in order to maintain epoxy flooring integrity throughout the course of its long lifetime. Sure, epoxy is a versatile flooring solution. There’s no doubt about that. However, in order to get a return from your epoxy investment, you might need the pros to take good care of it. The costs of making sure it’s dirt-free by custodians initially will save you money on recoating later.
  • Extend the Polymer Flooring’s Lifespan: Never let this polymer flooring’s surface become too dirty or filled with grit. At first, it’s easy to get rid of the occasional dust bunnies and accumulating cotton-like dirt. However, the grit from said dust will wear down the polymer epoxy coating of the floor that gives it its antistatic and anti-slip nature. Vacuum, mop, and polish in that order. Your epoxy flooring should be taken care of like your car’s paint finish, in fact.
  • What’s The Advice of the Pros: If you’re a factory or shop owner, you should have the pros cleaning the floor out and assessing whether the flooring requires polymer recoating or not, which will happen from time to time. This is so you won’t need to do an overhaul and replace the entire flooring altogether due to neglect and abuse. Grease and spills also play a part in making the floor less effective. Daily foot traffic will wear it down as well.